Danco Enterprises Website

Danco Enterprises, Inc. – Website

Marketing by Design – Danco Enterprises, Inc. Website – ©Robert Franssen. All Rights ReservedWhile I was visiting my long-time home in Los Angeles this spring, I was pleasantly surprised to get a recommendation to work with Danco Enterprises, Inc. on their websites. It was my pleasure to meet with their Executive Vice President, Josh, and work together on the design and function of their first project. It was taking Danco Metals from a very dated “Coming Soon” page to a fully-developed website representing the Los Angeles headquarters.

Marketing by Design – Danco Enterprises, Inc. Website – ©Robert Franssen. All Rights ReservedThe process was a great experience, first learning about their business and industry — recycling metals. As well as getting fantastic input from Josh and their president, Daniel. Looking forward to the next scheduled project — SunLite Metals website.

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Park City Gallery Association – Magazine Ad

Park City Gallery Association – Magazine Ad

Marketing by Design: Portfolio - Park City Gallery Association Publication Ad
Park City Gallery Association contracted a placement in the Park City Wine Festival’s Magazine to promote their galleries during the October event. The current “Breathe In” print campaign was the source of the ad which helps to continue our branding across multiple publications.
The event will dovetail with the monthly Gallery Stroll and offer visitors the opportunity to stroll down Park City’s delightfully preserved old mining town main street to savor a wide collection of wine, beer and spirits. At each stop, visitors can sample their favorites, as well as being provided with as much detail as they want to learn! As visitors stroll through town, they can enjoy beautiful art at the galleries and sample the best spirits available.

Meyer Gallery – Magazine Ad

Meyer Gallery – Magazine Ad

Marketing by Design: Portfolio - Meyer Gallery Publication Ad
The Meyer Gallery hosts several highly-anticipated art exhibitions throughout the year. A 2019 summer exhibition was added to display artwork of Britton Snyder and Spencer Budd, two accomplished artists. The decision was made by Meyer Gallery to supplement the usual social media campaign they run for exhibitions with ads in several national magazines appealing to art buyers. Many designs were provided for approval, and the ad shown here was chosen to run in the summer editions of several luxury branded magazines.

Alternate Designs:

We’re Gearing Up for You.

We’re Gearing Up for You.

We're Gearing Up for You

Managing and building a successful business requires a sustained effort in many areas. Marketing is an integral part of achieving specific goals and measurable growth. Creativity, strategy and execution are essential components of any successful marketing campaign. Business owners know they benefit from professional assistance achieving those goals, whether it’s publication advertising, digital marketing or promotional materials.

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As a client of WordPress Werks or Studio Design, you recognize the value of having resources for your business’s traditional and online marketing projects. Now, Marketing by Design combines both services into one B2B solution providing integrated and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with our many valuable clients and working on their next exciting project.

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Tesla Vehicle Graphics

Holst Brothers Vehicle Graphics

I was very pleased to hear that my client, Jens Holst, would be purchasing three Tesla’s for his on-site supervisor’s vehicle fleet. A booming economy and a contract for a celebrity’s new business construction allowed Holst Brother General Contractors to upgrade and increase their staff and consequently business. And when it came time to decide on the right vehicle — well a “green solution” for the company and the planet took precedence. Read More

Best of Park City

Best of Park City

The Park City Record’s annual “Best of Park City” vote was a call-to-action for residents to vote for their favorite local businesses. I was tasked to help promote votes from happy customers for two clients. My suggestions for them were counter displays, Facebook Ads, website popups as an email campaign for one client. It is a coveted award and a great marketing advantage to showcase a “Best of Park City” badge on websites, include in other campaigns and signage at storefronts and on vehicle graphics. It was another fun assignment to work with my clients to provide the marketing materials they deemed best suited for their particular business.

“Marketing by Design Launches!”

“Marketing by Design Launches!”

Welcome to Marketing by Design!  Well here it is… finally. An all-encompassing project to rebrand three of my specialized companies and their websites into one new company that showcases all their features and content. WordPress Werks, Studio by Robert Franssen and my personal Portfolio were the source for MBD, an agency that is focusing on marketing, content creation and online management for small business.

The history of the move begins many years ago as I developed a online portfolio to show my work for potential employment opportunities. Then Studio Design was developed to service freelance clients in and around the greater Los Angeles area. And when these clients requested online design and development with the burgeoning online environment, WordPress Werks was born to accommodate web design, online advertising and search optimization.

Newly relocated to the Park City, an ideal location to source the inspiration of the surrounding Wasatch Mountain’s majesty, MBD is the conduit for successful relationships with a contingent of new local clients. And so it required an expansion of services and that dictated a new website and company name to marshal that directive. I hope to hear from you and look forward to speaking with you!

Robert Franssen
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